12 Volt Multi Fuel Shut Off Valve

12 Volt Multi Fuel Shut Off Valve
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Product Description

12 Volt Multi Fuel Shut Off Valve
12 Volt Multi Fuel Shut Off Valve

Engineered for use in automotive, diesel, industrial, temperature and dispensing control applications. AFC111

Protection from Valkyrie Hydrolock.

Features and Specifications: Rated working pressure 0-30 PSI. 2-way normally closed inline solenoid. Orifice size .156" for adequate flow of all fuels. 100,000 cycle tested. Extensive test data available. Minimum draw - only .75 amp, 12 VDC when fully energized. OEM approved. Easy installation - 1/8" female pipe threads, inlet and outlet. Ambient temperature rating -40F to +250F, or 170 Fluid. Heavy duty construction, corrosion resistant - solid brass and plated steel. Rated for use with diesel fuel, Gasoline, Propane, Natural Gas, air, and other media. All valves are date coded. Every unit 100% functionally tested for low/high pressure leaks and dielectric breakdown. Great for Diesel fuel auxillary Tanks. Safety Rated

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