Poly-Planar MRD-70 Black

Poly-Planar MRD-70 Black
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Product Description

MRD-70 AM/FM/CD/MP3 Multi-Zone Component System

The MRD-70 AM/FM/CD Receiver and RD-44 Display are the base foundation for an expandable multi-zone system that offers independent control in up to 4 zones equipped with the RD-44 Remote Display and MZ-100 Amp in each zone. Easily connected through a single watertight DIN type cable, each remote has independent control over the audio input source. The many unique features include an intercom that will allow communication between stations. Two auxiliary inputs on the receiver accommodate direct audio input from other audio sources/media players. Just plug in your iPod®, TV or VCR and you have great audio throughout the system. The unique mounting system for the waterproof display accommodates Panel, Pod or bracket mounting.

Features of MRD-70
  • AM/FM, CD and MP3 compatible
  • Supports XM (With IXM-10 Module)
  • Waterproof design (front panel IP65)
  • 2 Auxiliary inputs
  • 1 Auxiliary output Fixed Line output
  • No-Skip CD/MP3 with 10 sec. delay

Features of RD-44 Remote Display
  • Full control of audio functions and sources
  • 32 character back lighted display
  • Self dimming for night use
  • Back lighted key pad
  • Flush panel or gimbal bracket mount options
  • Integral intercom with speaker
  • Infrared remote control
  • DIN cable connection for MRD-70 or MZ-100


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